My Juvenilia

Look what I found: so embarrassing, let’s read!

A few years ago I was cleaning out closets and going through boxes and found some old stories I wrote back in college as an undergrad.  I was actually a psychology/sociology major then, but I took a few creative writing classes as electives.  I also found a few fragments that I wrote after I graduated.  I was never prolific.  I scanned these stories and fragments into my computer so I would have electronic copies, and then forgot about them.

Awhile back, I was looking for something and rediscovered these pieces.  I thought, Hey, let’s put them on the blog!  Some of them were painful to read: OMG! all the misspelled words, the painful sentimentalism of some of the stories, and really, some were so pretentious.

These pieces were written back in pre-Windows days before the original Windows 95 was released.  They only existed as typewritten paper versions.  I did not want to retype them into the computer, so I made pdf files out of the scanned copies.  Since my blog will not let me post any larger pdf files without timing out, I will have to post them as separate entries, and only the short ones.

If you are willing to overlook the misspellings and the bad grammar, you can cringe right along with me as you read.  I hope my writing abilities and personal style have improved over the last twenty some years since I wrote these little “gems.”

Click Below to read: 

Lost Money

A Strange and Wonderful Place

A Revelation




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