I haven’t made any new announcement in a while, so I thought I would take a moment to update readers on my progress on my website and author platform.

I added a new post, and some new pages:

There was a Solar Eclipse (2017)

Free Online Tools for Writers

Book Marketing Tips for Writers

I also added more social media pages to my platform. Here are the new ones. You can check them out. I will need to make some new content for them. I hope I’m done with these. I don’t want to add anymore.

I’m working on some new boards on Pinterest that I hope to have up soon, but for now you can look at some pictures of cute bunny-rabbits that I collected. I can be so silly sometimes.

How I ended up on Library Thing. I’m not sure.

Patreon seems to be the thing to do now. So here is my page. I’m not asking for money.

The short stories that I posted to Amazon are now available for free on Goggle Play, Barns and Nobel, iTunes, Apple and Kobo. I used the Pronoun platform to do this. It seems to work pretty well. The ebooks are also now free on Amazon.

I also signed up for instafreebie. You can get the ebooks there with the following give away links.

The goal is to have one’s works available in a wide variety of places where readers gather in order to expand one’s audience.

Finally, I created an email sign-up form with Wofoo that allows readers to sign-up to my email list at MailChimp. If you want to sign-up you can find the Wufoo form here.

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. If you enjoyed anything I posted, then please come and give me a like or share and retweet me. Thanks to all of you who did already.


The 2017 eclipse from my front yard.


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