Happy New Year. I’m a little late writing this post. I had some things I wanted to mention, but it looks like I ‘m not going to get to them for a while yet. I’ll go with what I’ve got.

It’s been so cold the last few weeks. Mostly I’ve been hanging out in bed staying warm and trying to figure out ways to cook since the water in the kitchen froze. It should thaw out later in the week. We had a relatively mild summer here, so we’ll probably have a bad winter.

I wish I had been more productive in 2017. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to. I did get a few things done.  I redesigned my blog. I have a whole new page just for the blog posts that is not a homepage. I didn’t know how to do that. Then I stumbled upon the answer one day. Turns out it was really easy. I’m always discovering new features on WordPress. Here is the new My Blog page.

I added some new posts this year about writing and publishing. These posts are based on my own research into problems I was struggling with. So I made them into posts that I could refer back to and shared them with any interested readers. I also created a new page to collect all the links called Posts on Publishing. Do you know the significance of the Ibis?

This is in addition to two other topic pages I added: Writing on Fiction and Writing on Religion. These are topics that I have had a long time interest in. I have ideas for some essays I want to add to these pages. I have already completed one on M/M (gay) Romance Fiction. I have future essays in progress.

These changes are part of my effort to make my website look nicer and make it more user-friendly. I redesigned my Home page so it has links to all of my main pages. On the My Story page, I will be posting links to my stories that are available online. This is an ongoing project. I have several more to post as I get them ready for Amazon. I divided my stories into three categories: my religious satires, my kid’s stories about Sheepy and Bunny, and my gay stories.

Throughout 2017, I wrote some stories about Sheepy and Bunny. I was going to collect them together in one volume, but I only got about half of them finished, so I decided to publish them as individual stories on Amazon. I’m going to make some of them free so people can download them at no charge. They will be going up over the next few weeks. You can read titles and descriptions on the My Stories page. I’ll send out another announcement when everything is posted in case anyone is interested.

I’ve been making some new Pinterest boards. One is about the kitty-cats. We’ve had them for a year now. I posted some new pictures of Sissy and Phil. I also posted a one-year update blog post about them. I also made a Pinterest board of all the farm animals in the Sheepy and Bunny stories, with pictures and descriptions of each animal, and a blog post on my website. I might even post the animal pictures to SlideShare just for fun.

That is pretty much what I have for now. I hope 2018 will be a more productive year, and I finally get my novella finished. It’s been waiting several months for my attention. I hope everyone has a happy and productive New Year.

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