Religion in Queer History and LGBT Books, Gay Spirituality, Paganism, and Literary Criticism


My particular interest is in religious and spiritual themes in gay male fiction. In the list that follows, I collected links from the internet concerning gay male and other LGBT fiction that take up the topic of religion and spirituality. My list is not limited to just fiction, it also includes links to LGBT religious practices and blogs on the subject.

Like my other lists, I have not compiled book lists or bibliographies of my own; rather, I have drawn on established resources from around the internet. These should lead interested readers to many more pages than I could ever list myself. Readers can explore different aspects of gay male and LGBT religion experience and spirituality far beyond my own personal interests.

Link to My Stories pageI am particularly attracted to gay male fiction that develops religious themes and images, particularly myths, rituals, and symbols, although, the subject of spiritual growth and personal mystical experience also interest me. However, I have not found many works of gay male fiction that take up these subjects. There are lots of books about sex (some that pretend to be spiritual), lots of “paranormal” goings on (werewolves, vampires, and zombies might be supernatural, but not really religious), and there seems to be a whole genre of Gay Christian Romance (but that is not really what I had in mind).

When searching for gay male fiction on religious themes, I found much fiction (notably, young adult fiction) that explores the pain and damage done to LGBT people through religious prejudice and discrimination, particularly by conservative Christian Churches and groups, especially to young people, and how young LGBT people can recover from this kind of abuse. These kinds of stories are significant and necessary to protect and nurture gay identities and young adults from the assaults of the right-wing and their religious hate groups that seek to malign the gay community and install feelings of guilt, shame, and unworthiness in the spirits of LGBT people. I appreciate that those resources exist.

Copy of DIYpackage-templates (1)I hope over time to discover more and better items for my list (maybe I am looking in the wrong place). If readers have significant links they think would improve this list, you can leave them in the comments and I will review them and add them to the list. I will acknowledge your contribution at the bottom of the page.

This is the third in a four part series of post on Gay Fiction. The other three posts can be found at the following links:

Gay Male Fiction Web Links and Other LGBT Book Lists, Literary Awards, Reviews, Interviews, Criticism, Blogs and Library Resources

Gay Male Fiction Web Links and Other LGBT Genre Fiction, Minority Writers, Gay Romance, Non-Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction

What Kind of Gay Books Do You Like to Read?

Below you will find sections dedicated to:

Religion and Gay Lives

Black. Queer. Born again. A life in and out of the Church —

Can You Be Queer and Christian? —

Gay Priests and the Lives They No Longer Want to Hide —

LGBTQ Saints, Queer Saints —

Sergius and Bacchus, the Queer Saints —

Sigal Samuel: The Mystics of Mile End —

What Are Religious Texts Really Saying About Gay and Transgender Rights? —

What It Is Like To Be Celibate, Christian, and Gay — Be Yourself []


Gay Books: Religious History and Literary Criticism

A Jewish Reading Guide for LGBT Pride Month —

Creating Human Form in Lewis’s The Monk —

The Gothic as Camp: Queer Aesthetics in The Monk —

The Horrors of Catholicism: Religion and Sexuality in Gothic Fiction —

In the Life and In the Spirit: Homoerotic Spirituality in African American Literature —

James Baldwin and the Queer Uses of Religious Words [PDF] – Black Lives —

LGBT history month – Literature and Theology —

LGBTQ Magic Realism —


Queer History and Religious Culture

6 Bible Stories Where The Moral Was ‘Haha F*ck You, I’m God‘ —

19 LGBT Hindu Gods —

52 Queer Gods Who Ruled Ancient History —

The Literature of Ezili, Vodou Spirit Force of Queer Black Womanhood —

A Modern Controversy Over Ancient Homosexuality —

Feri Tradition Deities, Essay, “Modern Queer Mythology, The Divine Twins” —

gay archetypes —

LGBT Texts —

LGBT Themes in Ancient Mythology —

Queer Gods for Queer Men —

Ramboys, Horned Gods, and Queer Wizards —


Gay/Queer Spirituality

Top 25 LGBTQ Christian books of 2015 named —

Top 35 LGBTQ Christian books of 2016 named —

A Theology of Gay Inclusion —

Affirming Queer Spirituality in a Sometimes Hostile World —

Books —

Could This Ancient Porn Change The Way We Think About Christianity And Homosexuality? —

The Essential Principles: Introduction —

The Gay Books & Novels of Toby Johnson —

The Gay Man as Spiritual Adept —

Gay Spirituality and Easton Mountain —

Gay Spirituality: A Very Queer Vision —

Jesus in Love: Gay Jesus, Queer Christ: LGBT Christian Visions —

LGBT Spirituality —

My Take: What the Bible really says about homosexuality — Daniel A. Helminiak:

Q Spirit: Religion and Spirituality Books —

Queer Grace: An Online Encyclopedia for LGBTQ and Christian Life —

Queer Spirituality [PDF] —

Queer Spirituality —

Reviews of Books Damaging to the LGBT Community —

Religion & Spirituality Sites —


Gay Paganism

LGBT Ancestors – Pagan Reveries —

My Favorite Queer Witchcraft Books – For Puck’s Sake —

Pagan Paths for a Gay Man: Wicca or Druidry? —

A Queer Pagan Reading List —

Queer and Wicca: a contradiction? —

Queer (Gay) Tarot Decks —

Santería and Vodou —


Religious Books for Gay Young Adults

12 Compelling YA Books about Religion –

Faith and Spirituality in YA Lit: GLBTQ YA and Issues of Faith —

Queer Christian Voices in YA Literature: A Scholar’s Account [PDF] —


Library Resources for LGBT Religion and Spirituality

GLBT Religion & Spirituality – A Selective Bibliography: 1950–2000 —

GLBT Religion & Spirituality – A Selective Bibliography: 2001–2005 —

GLBT Religion & Spirituality – A Selective Bibliography: 2006–2010 —

GLBT Religion & Spirituality – A Selective Bibliography: 2011–2015 —

Queer Spiritual Spaces – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender —


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