And Along Came the Kitties

Two little fluffy beasts now roam the house at night.  They sleep in cuddly balls of fur during the day.  One is a big fluffy boy named Phil.  The other is a little sweet girl named Liz (but I call her Sissy).  I’ll show you some pictures:

Sissy and Phil looking out the bedroom window

Phil is white and gray with a spot of white on his back and a patch of gray above his right eye.  He’s very friendly.  He likes to be petted and petted and have his fluffy white belly rubbed.

Little Sissy loves getting her head and ears stroked.  She purrs and purrs.  She is white and black with stripes brown calico. They are about four years old.

After Mandy passed away, Mother talked about getting a little white kitten. I don’t think she expected to get two full grown cats.

A friend of hers visited the dentist. At the office, they had two cats they were trying to re-home.  She called Mother and asked if she wanted them. Mother decided she did and two grown kitties came to live with us that night.

Phil laying in the kitchen window

It worked out nicely. Phil is very friendly and loves to be petted by mother. He gives her lots of kisses. She loves that.

Little sissy, on the other hand, was scared and hid under my bed.  She wouldn’t come out for days.  I had to coax her out with food, water, and lots of reassuring petting. At first, she wouldn’t even interact with her brother Phil.  Whenever he came around, she would hiss and swat at him.  But he was good natured and just ignored her.

I put out food, water and a litter box for her in my room, and left her alone until she felt confident enough to come out and get petted.  For the first few weeks she wouldn’t leave my bedroom, but after awhile she started venturing out, first to the bathroom, then finally to the living room and kitchen.  Now she roams the whole house playing with her big brother running from one end of the house to the other.

Sissy taking a nap on the computer

Now they lay around in windows watching everything that goes on outside.  They take little naps all day and search for mice at night.  They’ve already caught some.  Twice now I have woken up in the night to find Phill and Sissy playing with a mouse on my bedroom floor.  When they were done playing, I picked it up and flushed it down the toilet.  They also know when it’s time to eat. At 5 p.m. they start hovering around their plates letting out sad pitiful meows. Yes, they have their own plates.  Sissy doesn’t like to share. If she leaves some food behind, Phil will clean it up.

A couple times a day, Sissy demands petting.  I will be napping or laying on the bed, and she will jump on my chest start kneading my stomach and demand attention.  Then she will flop down on top of me to receiver stroking on her ears, chin, head, cheeks and neck.

Sissy kitty started off standoffish but now is quite affectionate.  The other night she actually laid down with her brother, licked his face and snuggled with him without growling or hissing.  See I have a picture.  So cute.

Snuggle Time

Now there are new fur babies running around the house. The new kitties are probably more than Mother expected. She seems happy with them.

We’ve always had pets in the house, dogs and cats. I guess Mother felt a little lonely after the dog was gone. Now she has some new balls of fluff to cuddle and kiss.

They are mischievous fur balls that Mother hollers at when they get into cabinets and the refrigerator. She warns them not to run all over the house knocking things down but that doesn’t stop them. She gets exasperated when they make little food messes on the floor, hide in boxes, or nap on clean clothes. Afterwards, they purr and purr to get petted and come to Mother for snugging, and then everything’s all made up and better now.

Phil being cute for the camera

Really, how could you refuse that little Phil face.

You just want to give him hugs and kisses don’t you?

You know you do.







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