Some Blogs for Self-Publishing Authors to Follow and a Few Book Marketing Tips


I’m cheating here. Trying to do two things at the same time: add some “content” to my website, and keep a list of items to refer back to later. If I put them directly onto the blog, I am more likely to remember them, otherwise, they get lost in some file in some folder somewhere in a forgotten location. So I’m doing both. Here are some self-publisher writing blogs to follow:

I’m also cheating in another way. I took this whole list from Derek Murphy, so give him some credit. Here is his facebook and his website. I will probably add some more links of my own. Like these:

They all seem quite informative resources to refer back to often.

And finally some more cheating: Derek’s top tips for book marketing:

  • Remove barriers to resistance (price, design, social trust). Make it easier for them to take a risk on your book by lowering the price – or making it free. Free books continue to be the single most powerful form of online marketing.
  • Make people like you by being human. Authenticity. Failure. Relatability. Put yourself out there. Tell stories. Blog. Put your real picture up. Reveal yourself.
  • Offer something extra for free to get optins, that’s valuable.
    Grow your email list by always having an offer that will appeal to your target readers.
  • Have a good website or landing page (important). NO UGLY author websites.
  • Build relationships by giving away even more great content in your email autoresponder. An autoresponder is a pre-written set of emails that are sent out after someone joins your list. You want people to sign up, but you also need to keep them engaged. Think about what kind of series you can offer.
  • Write MORE books (it gives you more power).
  • Get more traffic (better content on bigger blogs). The easiest way to get more traffic to your website is to post content on bigger websites with more traffic.
  • Strategic Partnering to share platforms (see how you can help others). Focus on creating a network of authors in your genre or niche.
  • Earn social karma by focusing on helping others. Never ask for anything until you’ve given something (a promise of future gifts doesn’t work). Do so consistently and you will build up a tribe of loyal followers and friends. Read other author’s books and leave them reviews.
  • Optimize Amazon to get found (important, but not enough by itself). Find out what people are searching for. See if you can use those search terms in your title or subtitle. Add them into your description also. Bonus points for adding them in bold, or in a checklist.
  • Create content. You need a lot of content to start getting traffic, and keep writing new content all the time


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