The Imaginary Home is coming along nicely


I have been working on a new house, not a real one, but an imaginary one.  It started out as a single room studio and grew from there.  At first, being reasonable and thrifty, I put everything in one room: the kitchen area, the dining area, the living room, a study area, and the rabbit pen.  Since I wanted to keep my homeowners insurance inexpensive, I built it with all natural material that would not burn: brick wall, tile floors, metal roof and windows, cement slab foundation set at ground level.  In order to save on energy cost, I installed solar panels on the roof, and buried half the structure underground to have some natural insulation.

On the outside, facing the street, I did not want the neighbors to just see a big mound of dirt, so I build layers of small terraces in which I planted bulbs and perennials to make it colorful in the spring and summer.  Maybe I am being a little superstitious, or maybe for a good luck charm, but on the two sides along the street, I installed a meditating Buddha facing West, and a Virgin and Child facing South.  Along the ground, I added a birdbath at the corner, two benches, and some concrete statues of a swan, a rabbit, some mushrooms, and even a cross.  I hope the neighborhood vagabonds (there are always some in real life) leave them alone, but in my imaginary world, there are no vagabonds.

Inside, I wanted space for bookshelves to hold all my books, a freezer full of food, and space to make bread and cook yummy meals for me and the bunnies.  But I get kind of nervous at night all alone, so to make myself, and the bunnies feel more secure, I installed a metal front door, and enclosed the patio with a wire cage, and put bars on the windows.  I suppose we all have our moments of weakness, even in our own imaginary worlds. 

I felt like I needed some more room, so I added on a bedroom.  However, because of how the imaginary house is situated in my mind, I had to add the bedroom off the bathroom, so you have to walk past the shower to get to the sleeping area.  But I am fine with this, I just have to remember to clean the bathroom more often, and it reminds to take a shower and wash my clothing.  Of course, in my imagination I am never dirty or smell bad. 

Then I realized I need a place from my new electric car, so I added a garage across the property.  I told my friend, he is a real friend not an imaginary one, that he should come make an imaginary visit to the imaginary house, and I would create a new bedroom just for him to stay in.  So, I added a new bedroom, kitchen and living room behind the garage for my real guest to my imaginary home.  After exploring various floor plans, most while laying awake waiting to fall asleep, I finally come up with something I liked, that was functional, and fit into the small space theme I was developing.  I was also able to add a small office for writing and another space for doing laundry.

Having got this far, I knew I wanted a garden to grow fruits and veggies for me and the bunnies, so I created raised gardens all around the edge of the space between the two building.  What I like about my new imaginary house, is that the lawn and garden is at the center of the property, not along the edge, and once I added the fences (a wooden privacy to keep prying eyes from spying on me, a chain link fence to keep the stray dogs out, and metal gates to keep the people out) it was all nice and private in my little garden.

Then I needed to decide what fruits and veggies to grow.  Something that is easy to grow and does not have a lots of special needs or takes a lot of space.  So I planted lettuce, carrots, green onions, green peppers and cucumbers.  I also planted an herb garden with parsley, basil, cilantro and thyme. Me and the bunnies love cucumbers and parsley.  For fruit, I planted cantaloupe and watermelon, and some other squashes, even an eggplant since my friend likes those. We will just have to go to the farmer’s market to get tomatoes, apples, corn, green beans and potatoes.

I also like lots of flowers, especially colorful ones that will attract lots of bees to pollinate the plants and fill the garden with butterflies.  My friend likes to landscape so I set aside some space for him to make a flower garden, and since he really likes fish, I decided to include a little fish pond full of fancy goldfish.  We will put roses in the garden, and germaniums by the front door.  And a bug zapper to keep down the mosquitoes; oh and some ladybugs.  Well, I guess I got a little carried away, since I also added a greenhouse, a veranda, and a little fountain and waterfall to the goldfish pond, which then lead me to the conclusion that I also needed a working windmill!

My garden still seemed incomplete, I had my bunnies inside the house, but nothing outside to compare, so I decided I needed some chickens.  After doing some research, I decide on some ornamental bantam Silkie chickens.  They don’t look like chickens, but they are real chickens!  I thought they were so pretty, that now I can go out into my garden and cry “Silkie, Silkie, Silkies”, and the chickens will come running for their morning snack of fruit and veggies. 


I will plant some honeysuckle on the back wall by the alley, hang humming bird feeders, build some bird houses to attract some bluebirds to nest. For a finishing touch, I even considered a small bee hive to make some magic honey…as my friend said, “honey for making candies, and sweetening the lemonade,” but decided not too since they would be trouble to keep, and who wants to get stung?  I hope the windmill scares any hawks or owls away from the imaginary house to keep the Silkies safe.

I was still not satisfied with the inside, I debated, do I want a fireplace or not, and where to put it?  If I put in a fireplace, I have to take out my work space.  So I decide to keep the work space, and add some aquariums filled with bright fish.  Which my friend can come take care of for me, remember he likes fish.  I was also born under the sign of the fish.  The fireplace, I moved over to the other building, incase we ever wanted a night in front of a cozy fire eating popcorn and reading poetry.

Now that the imaginary house seems complete, me and my friend, and the bunnies and Silkies, even the goldfish and the humming birds and the butterflies can play in the yard under the shade tree on warm sunny days.  The bunnies can run in the grass, and jump in the air doing binkies of happiness while the Silkies strut and cluck in the sunshine.  And at night, while the bunnies do their special bunny dancing, wagging their puffy tails and flopping their ears, we can play under the stars, while munching on magic Moonbeans that fall from the full moon, especially the full moon following the Spring equinox, the most powerful of Moons, that allow the bunnies to lay their chocolate Easter eggs, and cause the Silkies to lay color eggs with lovely patterns.





On those moonlit nights we will have to lock the Goth kids in the Solarium with the greenhouse orchids and the exotic trailing vines of the hothouse, (they can roam freely on the dark night of the New Moon with their pale faces and black lips and nails).  They are not as scary as they look, mostly they just mop around under their personal dark clouds and recite moribund poetry. 

When my friend comes to visit he can share in the feast as he gets in touch with his inner rabbit (he was born in the year of the Rabbit).  We all have our own inner animal, mine is a Sheep.  He asked me what Moonbeans taste like.  I told him, they taste like a combination of onion flavored Triskets and crunchy Cheeotes.  Then when we gather together on this special night of the full moon, the creatures of both the day and the night come to feast on the bounties of Luna that she rains down in the form of magic Moonbeans.  All will be joy and happiness in the garden. 


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