Another Year Older, I Want to Hug a Bunny!

So today is my birthday right?  If I can’t have a new car, or a million dollars (or even a lower amount), or even go to a nice restaurant on my B-Day, then I want to hug a big soft fluffy bunny!!!  Here is another example of my silly side.

Odd story about me and rabbits, nothing you are expecting, it’s just interesting, and I will leave you some cute YouTube links at the end of this post about bunnies.  Very briefly, the story goes something like this: over the years of chatting with people online, there have been a few chatters who have stuck with me, just a handful.  In chatting about astrology and zodiacs, I have come to discover that every one of them were born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit!!! I guess I just hit it off best with Rabbits. 🙂

So anyway, it got me watching YouTube videos about rabbits, at first just for silly reasons, to send them funny links to rabbit videos, and tease them about having floppy rabbit ears or puffy little tails.  But I guess I got hooked on bunnies, because now I want some bunnies of my own.  I never had rabbits before; I never even thought about rabbits until recently, and I have been doing some research on rabbit care, and different rabbit breeds.  I have decided I want a dwarf Hotot and a Holland Lop (they need to have friends right?).

Sadly, I don’t have the room or resources to keep pet rabbits at this time; so maybe in the future.  But for now, It’s my birthday, and I want to go to the pet store, and hug and kiss the bunnies!!!

Enjoy the following links.  These are some of my favorite bunny videos:

Billy and Ronny Bunny showing off for the camera

Roger Bunny vs. The Box

Singing Bunnies

Moochi and his yummy Papaya

Opps, Bunny Roll

Buzz the dwarf Hotot kisses the camera and shows his binky technique

Scooter goes to court !!!

DWARF HOTOT such a cute little dwarf Hotot !!!


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