ObamaCare, Gospels etc…

Well it is time for an update before the month of February is over.  I went and signed up for ObamaCare this week. Thanks to the Republicans I will not be eligible for health insurance.  Thanks a Lot (sarcasm).  Turns out I do not make enough either individually or as a family to qualify for a subsidy for private insurance, but I do quality for Medicaid.  Since Missouri is not expanding Medicaid, I am shit out of luck.  So I signed up for a waver, at least I will not have to pay the tax penalty.  I will still be able to see a doctor through a program at the hospital’s clinic, so I can still get medications and lab work done at an inexpensive cost (its a great deal), but I have to pay regular (expensive) cost (self-pay) for any services outside of the clinic.  I will have to cross my fingers, and hope I don’t get hit by a car!!!

In other news, I have been trying to return to one of my long time interests, which I have been neglecting for the last several years (been busy with other things I guess), and restore my interest in religion.  I have embarked on a reading of each of the main scriptures of the major world religions (not all the scriptures because that would be way too much).  I got out my old copy of Huston Smith’s The World’s Religions to read along with each scripture.  So far I have read Taoism and the Tao Te Ching, Islam and excerpts from the Quran, I skipped Hinduism and the Bhagavad-Gita for the time being, but did read some selections from the Upanishads.  I am currently bogged down on Buddhism and the Dhammapada and side-tracked into the Lotus Sutra.  I still want to look at Judaism and the Kabala, and end with Christianity, the teachings of Jesus, the New Testament Gospels, and Eastern Christianity’s The Ways of the Pilgrim.  I felt it was time to get back to some basics.  I have plenty of stuff to read, enough stuff to keep me occupied for a few years.

rabbit-book-glassesThe wise bunny

Quick Update: For my birthday in March, I got an Amazon gift card, and I bought some new (used, but new to me) books: some horror and Gothic stories, some Japanese and Latin American literature, and have been checking books out from the library, so now I am distracted from my religion reading project, which I will get back to…sometime…in the future…

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