Silly and Serious

I have a silly side and a serious side.  Today I am going to put on display the silly side in this post.  I was telling an online friend that I wanted to kiss a bunny, because they are so cute and snuggly and fluffy, but I don’t have space to keep a bunny of my own.  My friend lives in Malaysia, and for my birthday in 2013 he sent me a bunny all the way from Kuala Lumpur.  By the time the box made it all the way to the USA, it was pretty banged up.  I opened it, and inside was Bunny!!! See how cute he is!!!  Now he sleeps with me every night in the crook of my arm, and gives lots of kisses with his big smiley face.


This year for Christmas 2013 another box showed up in the mail.  I put it under the tree and waited until Christmas eve to open it.  It was also postmarked from Kuala Lumpur.  When I opened it, I found some penguins!!!  Now bunny has some new friends to hang out with, and I have an arm full of snuggles to cuddle up with each night. 🙂

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