I want to see the Milky Way

(The very first post I ever wrote)

I was sitting on my front porch looking at the stars, the very few stars I could see, and realized I have never seen the milky way.  I have always lived in the city, and the city lights washout the sky, so only the brightest stars can be seen.  I was trying to locate Sirius, it’s over near Betelgeuse and Rigel, and in the Milky Way.  I found the star, but no milky way.  I seem to remember, long ago, when I was a kid, that the sky was so much bigger and darker, with so many more stars.  I have this obscure memory from years ago, it had to be in the late 1970’s.  We were coming home from grandma’s house; she had just moved out into the country, and we stopped for some reason.  It was a dark country road, with cow pastures on either side.  I remember the headlights lighting up the road, it seemed like the pastures were glowing orange in the night, and overhead the sky was so big and dark, and there was a trail of stars arching over the sky.  Was that the Milky Way?  I was too young to know, and now I can’t go look anymore.  The sky is washed out everywhere.



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