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Welcome to my website. I’m C. E. Hammock (but you can call me Clint). On this page, I hope to tell you a little about myself and the things I do. Below, I have created a series of links to the different pages of my website, where you can read more about me, find links to my stories and blog posts, see if I have any new announcements, or check out any new projects. You can also find links to contact me or sign-up on my e-mail list. I hope you will find something of interest and entice you to return and see what is new.

sea-1337565_1280Featured: I am beginning a new series of blog posts on a set of Religious Principles that I have been reflecting on over the years. These principles draw heavily from the teaching of Jesus from the New Testament gospels. I don’t expect people to agree with my conclusions. You can view My Blog for the most recent post or go to the Writing on Religion page for all of the essays.

pexels-photoFeatured: I have gathered several of my Sheepy and Bunny are Friends stories to Medium. These are stories for children and young at heart adults about the friendship between Sheepy and Bunny and all their friends on the farm. You can read about how these stories came into being on the Sheepy and Bunny are Friends page or go directly to Medium and read some of the stories.

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On the My Stories page, you can find links to many of my stories available online. The page A Little More Literary hosts links to more literary endeavors. If you want to read a few examples of my first attempts at writing, you can find them on the My Juvenilia page.



The My Books page describes some of my forthcoming books and you can read some early excerpts from them. This page will also direct you to my Amazon page where you can buy or download my fictions in ebook format.



On my Current Projects page, you can read brief descriptions of projects that I am currently working on. In addition of forthcoming books, I have new short stories and essays in progress.




On my Announcements page, you can find announcements about my fiction writing, blog posts, and platform building. You can follow my announcements on facebook, twitter and goggle+ and see what new things I have going on.



Religion has been a long time interest of mine. The  Writing on Religion page is a space where I explore some of my thoughts on religious practice and faith.



public-library-1493061_1280 Fiction is my other great interest. On the Writing on Fiction page, I explore aspects of literary and genre fiction that have captured my interest.




For posts specifically dealing with my ongoing struggles with writing and self-publishing you can find them gathered together on the Posts on Publishing page.



open-208368_1280You can explore blog posts on topics of interest to me by clicking on the My Blog page or searching the Recent Posts section of the Menu. My blog entries are sometimes silly and sometimes serious things about me. The posts will give you some insights into my goings on. I’ve divided the posts into the categories Silly and Serious.



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A Little Bit About Me

Here is me in the UMKC library. I’m in the literature section.

Ever since I was a teenager (a long time ago) I had this fantasy about being a writer. I was never very confident in my abilities and so I didn’t seriously pursue it. However, that nagging little ambition in the back of my mind never went away. Other interests have come and gone, but this one has haunted me for over 30 years. After a long time of being distracted by other subjects (all very interesting in their own right), I finally decided that I was capable, and applied to the English department at the University of Missouri: Kansas City to study Literature and Writing. After I finished that, things had a way of getting put off.

In the last few years publishing has become easy, with the development of selling e-books on Amazon and self-publishing without a traditional publisher. So now the only thing that is stopping me is years of inertia and too much self-doubt. Writing was always something I wanted to do (I hope I have some talent), and I’m not too old to learn the tech stuff. So I’m working on it, slowly, but getting there.

I don’t want to tell the same stories everyone else tells. Some readers like the same story lines told over and over with new twists and variations. I want to try something that takes a different path through the forest. I don’t really know what categories to put my fictions into, but they do have a few things in common. Many have gay male characters (but I wouldn’t call them gay romances). Most have some kind of supernatural themes. Some are Gothic; some you could call magical realism and some border on horror stories. I have had a long fascination with religion and been openly gay for years, so those two topics tend to get intertwined in my storytelling. I suppose, in some ways, I have been on my own quest for some time now. I want my stories to fascinate readers, maybe even make them a little uncomfortable, and I certainly want them to be successful. If you read one, leave me a comment. If I get a book on Amazon, maybe you could leave me a nice review.

You can send me an email or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I hope you will share my stories and (forthcoming) books with your friends. I’ll try to send out an announcement now and then when I have something new to share. I hope you will find something you enjoy. Thanks.

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